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Title: Airborne App

screengrabs from smartphone: Sander Veenhof
photos by stichting Scarabee

Project executed by invitation of the Scarabee Foundation, Oosterbeek. With financial support of more than 1.500 walkers and Renkum council.

OOSTERBEEK - A new virtual monument, the Airborne App, makes the imposing image of the air landings during the Battle of Arnhem, visible on Smart phones through the use of Augmented Reality. A crowd funding action led up to this result when walkers in the Airborne March in 2011, were invited to 'help' toward the monument's realisation. Envelopes printed with parachute jumpers were filled with personal messages and donations from the walkers. Hung between the trees, the growing sea of envelopes became a harbinger of the monument to come. The walkers stepped into the shoes of a tradition of war monuments being financed and erected by citizens themselves. The Airborne Monument in Heelsum, made from materials that had been left behind after the battles, was put together in this way, and the Airborne Monument in Oosterbeek too, was a citizens' initiative.
The Airborne March is the world's largest one-day marching event. This remembrance rally in commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem, 1944, is held every year on the first Saturday in September at the village of Oosterbeek (near Arnhem) in The Netherlands.


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