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Title: The miracle of Carnisse

film stills by: Gilles Frenken

Project commissioned by Barendrecht council.

DVD Het wonder van Carnisse:
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BARENDRECHT – The mockumentary ‘The miracle of Carnisse’ which Sjaak Langenberg made together with documentary filmmaker Gilles Frenken, sketches a vision of Carnisselande, a new estate under construction in the Dutch city of Barendrecht. To offset the complaints of inhabitants who were being confronted with the problems, both large and small, inherent to a neighbourhood under construction, blind cabaret artiste and writer Vincent Bijlo was presented as ‘famous resident of Carnisselande’. On an extremely warm summer day, Bijlo conducted the viewer through his beloved neighbourhood. Only girl-children are born on the estate; in one street in the early morning the Christmas decorations are already lit up; there are often power cuts in the neighbourhood which, to Bijlo’s great delight, causes the lights to fail. This makes him feel really at home in Carnisselande. The contrast between the actual images of the neighbourhood and the picture which the blind actor paints of it makes the viewer see Carnisselande differently. The problems are reflected back from Bijlo’s eyes. Thus the ‘Miracle of Carnisse’ manifests itself.

© FrenkenFilms & Sjaak Langenberg